2019 Meetings

The Western Reserve Dalmatian Club meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month  at the Strongsville Fire Station at 11287 Webster Road between Whitney and Royalton (Route #82) Roads.

January: No meeting

February 16:

  6 pm - Board meeting

  7 pm - Regular meeting &  


March 16:

  2 pm - Potluck at Weisman’s

  4 pm - Regular meeting

April 20:

  6 pm - Board meeting

  7 pm - Regular meeting

May 13:

  WRDC Specialty Show,

  Sawmill Creek, Huron

May 10-18:

  Dalmatian Club of America

  National Show,

  Sawmill Creek, Huron

May 18:

  WRDC Specialty Show,

  Sawmill Creek, Huron

June 15:

9 am - Puppy Match at

            Columbia Township Park

            Picnic lunch & general

            meeting to follow

July 20:

  6 pm - Board meeting

  7 pm - Regular meeting

August 9:

  WRDC Specialty Shows at

  Lorain County Kennel Club

  grounds in Oberlin.

September 21:

  7 pm - Regular meeting

October 19:

  7 pm - Regular meeting and

             election of officers

November 16:

  6 pm - Board meeting

  7 pm - Regular meeting


  Awards Banquet & Holiday

  Party at Amici's Restaurant

  (details will be published

  in Nov. newsletter)

About Us

  The Western Reserve Dalmatian Club is located in Cleveland, Ohio. With the objective of promoting the pure bred Dalmatian, the club was formed in 1965 and has grown to approximately 40  members that meet monthly.

  Club members are actively involved with their Dalmatians participating in AKC conformation, obedience and agility.  Members also march with their dogs in numerous local parades and others compete with their Dals in Frisbee competitions. Some of our Dals even work as Therapy Dogs, visiting with hospice patients, nursing home residents, and veterans to bring comfort and healing to them.  The members are a very diverse group of individuals, all brought together by the love of Dalmatians.

  The members of the Western Reserve Dalmatian Club are available to help you decide if a Dalmatian is right for you and your family.

Buy your new puppy only from

a reputable, responsible breeder!

Reputable breeders are usually active in dog shows, obedience trials, breed rescue, etc.

Reputable breeders will be members of the Dalmatian Club of America, as well as a regional club such as the Western Reserve Dalmatian Club, or a local all-breed or obedience club. They will have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the breed.

Reputable breeders will place pet puppies on AKC Limited Registration and require that they be spayed or neutered.

Reputable breeders will outline all details of the sale in a written contract.

Reputable breeders will supply the buyer with detailed information on caring for their new puppy.

Reputable breeders will have given the puppies all preliminary puppy vaccinations, and will have them checked by a vet.

Reputable breeders will interview the prospective buyer at length, and will be willing to answer questions.

Reputable breeders will require notification if you are not willing to keep the puppy and are always willing to take a puppy back if the owner cannot or will not care for it. This does not imply any money be returned.

Reputable breeders will always be there to help you with a problem.

Adding a dog (any breed) to your family is a serious responsibility and a long-term commitment for the life of the dog...  

Are you ready for a 15 YEAR COMMITMENT?

WRDC President


The 2018 WRDC Awards Banquet was quite a success this year, with the club's Dalmatians earning a record number of titles and certificates. Of course, the Dals cannot earn any of these accolades without their handlers, those hardy souls who spend countless hours training with their Dalmatians, bear the financial costs of event registrations, and brave the elements to get them there to perform.

To see some of the many events represented at this year's awards banquet (and some pretty cute Dalmatians), check out the booklet that was distributed at the banquet (white cover) or the less detailed presentation (red cover), both in PDF format below.